Our Story

"I want a guitar that can be played anytime, anywhere, without disturbing, and convenient to carry." As simple as this idea, we changed nearly a hundred design drawings and made countless times in this workshop experiment.
From the selection of materials, the restoration of the feel, the way of storage, the test of the volume ... After repeated iteration experiments, the first new guitar in history was finally born.

[cross guitar] Principle
Abandon the barrel structure that is easy to take up space, and use the form of a stand to let the guitar "stand" on the player's feet, which minimizes the space required for playing.

The extended stand produces the effect of "relying on the hand" and "relying on the chest", so that the instrument can finally contact the body with four "points", the most stable, even if it is on a shaking vehicle, it can still be stable. Play.

The bracket adopts an exclusive patented "rotating arm" structure, so that it can fully fit the body of the piano for convenient storage.

Because the exclusive patented cantilever design is very practical, it can be used not only for guitars.
【Good Zheqin】 The R & D team has already started to adjust the structure of musical instruments such as Ukulele, electric guitar, travel guitar, etc. It is expected to be launched one after another after the fundraising period.

【Good Zheqin】 Restore the secret of 100% playing feel
[Good Zheqin] can play most of the guitar tracks, and even achieve a certain degree of striking,
The secret to the 100% restoration of the playing feel is that [Good Philosophy] the R & D team has made numerous cantilever adjustments and compared the "Qinqiao", "Wrist" and "Fingerboard" of the guitar when playing it. The relative position allows [Good Zheqin] to restore the playing state of the instrument and the player in use.