Cross Guitar - World's 1st Innovative crossing guitar

Imagine that you could play your Classical Guitar anytime and anywhere you want . Use Cross Guitar in limited space with unlimited ways.  

You may be a guitarist who needs to practice on the way to a contest or music festival.You can practice in the car ,bus,subway or even on the airplane.

You may be a college student who wants to enjoy playing guitar late night in your dorm.

You may a teacher or president of guitar club who needs to lead your students practice in the same classroom and they won't interfere with each other.

You may be a guitar artist who wants to compose your song in front of your desk without scratching or banging your guitar.

Cross Guitar Got It for You!

Perfect instrument for travel, practice or stage use.

No assembly required.

No footstool needed.

Bodiless guitar design - save space and great for quiet performance

No Compromise - offering real acoustic guitar experience with comfortable posture


How Cross Guitar works?  

- Easy to use and store with the patented rotating arms design (U.S. Patent No.US 9,653,046 B1)

- The rotating arms secure the guitar perfectly against your chest, leg and arm.

- Full 25.5 inches (650 mm) scale length offers 100 % real acoustic guitar experience with conventional guitar neck construction.

- Playing Cross guitar in extremely comfortable posture.



Materials & Specs



- Number of frets: 18 for Nylon type and 19 for Steel-string type

- Fit in the overhead compartment on an airplane

- Body made from American maple.

-Strap  button attached.

-Steel string version has an adjustable truss rod. 






How to use Cross Guitar

Cross Guitar - Volume Test

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